Suit Up To Feel Good – Your £100 Voucher

Introducing Suit Up To Feel Good: For the month of September, The Perfect Suit Company are offering a £100 voucher to anyone ordering a new tailor-made suit.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one – just like Eat Out To Help Out has helped to stimulate the hospitality sector, Suit Up To Feel Good is a mental health initiative set up by The Perfect Suit Company to get men back to looking and feeling their very best. With events being cancelled and many men working from home, we don’t have the same excuse to get dressed up. But with things starting to return to normal, we want men to get a spring back in their step with a new suit.

The voucher applies to our made-to-measure and bespoke suits. The starting price for a 2-piece made-to-measure wool suit in charcoal is £499 – (£399 including the discount). You can use the voucher as a cash discount or you may want to put it towards a second pair or trousers, some shirts or other accessories, the choice is yours.

Just make an appointment and come in for your initial consultation. We will measure you, discuss your needs and budget and put together a range of options. There is no obligation whatsoever. If you like what you see, take the voucher, pay a deposit and we will get started with your suit.

At very least you get a nice cup of coffee and a chat about how you can improve your wardrobe.

For more information about the Suit Up To Feel Good scheme please visit make an appointment or contact us if you have more questions.