Jonathan Farley


Your Personal Tailor

The process starts with a chat. I take time to get to know you and get to know your style, personality and what your suit needs are. This help me to create a look that is perfect for your personality

I will incorporate your colour preferences and create a unified theme that suits you perfectly.

Special Features

One of the features that makes a hand made suit special is the personalisation that makes it unique to you. A handkerchief from someone close to you sewn into the suit structure or made into a pocket lining. Buttons from your father’s suit or a pocket square made from the lining. These little touches can give you a sense of closeness to a special person.

Your budget is important and I can use it effectively to give you the most versatility and combinations from the suits and shirts you have made.

Your suit will become the foundation of your personal brand. Your colours, styles and types of clothes can follow the same themes that will give you a distinctive signature look.