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Jonathan Farley

Jonathan Farley

Creative Director

Give a bit of time and a budget and I will create a suit that will be the bedrock of your personal brand.

The journey to creating your perfect suit starts not with a needle and thread, but with a coffee and a chat. I am not merely looking for your measurements but also the things that make you tick, your individuality that forms the core of your style.

You may think that what makes a handcrafted suit is its cut and the exquisite cloth. But what really distinguishes it is the personalisation that makes it truly yours. Imagine a memento from someone special, a handkerchief perhaps, incorporated into the lining, or a set of buttons from your grandfather’s favourite suit, lending their unique twist to your look. These are not mere decoration but ways to connect you to cherished memories and loved ones.

With a creative eye, I can craft a suit for you that offers function and versatility as well as elegance for any occasions that life throws your way.

Book your appointment today. Let’s have a chat, and get you started on your journey.

Jonathan Farley

jonathan Farley