Wedding Suits For Men

wedding suits for menAt a wedding, a lot of the focus is on the bride and bridesmaids and their preparations. But please do not leave the wedding suits for the men to the last minute as they can take longer than you may think.

Our handy wedding suits guide will take you through the suit buying process and highlight the things to consider along the way to ensure the perfect day.

What Style of Wedding Suits do you want?

6 to 9 Months pre-wedding

Firstly, you should decide on the style of the men’s wedding suits and ensure they match the formality of your wedding. A tuxedo is very American and less popular in the UK. In Scotland, kilts and highland outfits are extremely popular, and a formal suit works for just about any wedding.

If you are getting married in a Scottish castle then a highland outfit will definitely look the part. However, many men feel uncomfortable in a kilt, especially those with no connection to Scotland and don’t feel the ‘right’ to wear one. This is of course entirely a matter of personal choice. Clan affiliation is not set in stone and there are many modern kilts that are not even tartan such as those made from leather or tweed.

You can rent or buy your wedding suits. Rental suits are more middle-of-the-road and provide great quality at a reasonable price. But if you want it to be totally unique, you will need to go for a tailored suit.

It is common for the groom and groomsmen to be coordinating but different, so you could go for a full wedding suit for the groom, and jackets for the groomsmen with them wearing standard black trousers, black shoes a white shirt and a coordinating tie. This is often where you can spin out the budget.

If you go to a tailor, take samples of the colours that the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing so that he can co-ordinate the gents’ outfits.

Made-to-measure or bespoke wedding suits

Your tailor will advise whether you need to go for made to measure or bespoke suits. Most will be made to measure unless there are men in the party with unusual shapes.
Tip: A tailor can also make custom jackets in ready-to-wear sizes. This can also save a lot in the tailoring costs and it is always worth asking.

Get Measured For Your Wedding Suits

3 to 5 months Pre-wedding

You have decided on groom and groomsman suits, now you need to get measured to get to ensure the perfect fit. If you are all local, visit the tailor’s together – it saves time, ensures you all get it done and it is a fun part of the process. If there are groomsmen in your wedding party that are not local, they can measure at home or visit a local tailor to be measured.

Get Your Wedding Suits

4 weeks Pre-Wedding

Always leave a good 4 weeks before the big day in case anybody’s size has changed, and you need to get some last-minute alterations done.

Don’t forget to get accessories for everyone too:
Tie / bow tie / cravat
Cuff links
Pocket square
Sock flashes (kilt outfit)

Your Wedding Day:

Allow yourself plenty of time so you are not rushing. It is a long and busy day. Just relax and enjoy it. Shower, wet shave, moisturise and have a good breakfast. Get dressed in your wedding outfit and know that you look your absolute best.

Eyes and cameras will be on you all day – relax, smile, stand up straight and enjoy yourself. Most importantly, enjoy the day. It has been a long time coming so make the most of it!