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Tailor Made Shirts

Tailor Made Shirts

Join over 100,000 happy customers since 2009 and experience the height of comfort, fit and style with our tailor made shirts.

Your journey starts with a measuring appointment, in-person at our Stirling studio or via video call at a time to suit you.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton

Our tailor made shirts, hand crafted from luxurious 2-ply cotton, are the very definition of fit and comfort, with a style and durability unmatched by ordinary fabrics. The exceptional weave of 2-ply cotton not only ensures your tailor made shirt feels opulent but also looks impeccably sharp, embodying a sense of quality that really stands out.

Built To Last

The strength of 2-ply cotton guarantees that your tailor made shirt is built to last. With each thread twined for strength, these shirts boast superior durability, resisting wear and tear far better than single ply alternatives. This ensures your investment not only looks great but remains a staple of your wardrobe wear after wear, keeping pristine condition without succumbing to stretching, pilling, or abrasion.

A Shirt For All Seasons

Despite its density, 2-ply cotton remarkably breathable, ensuring comfort across the seasons. Whether braving a sweltering summer day or a crisp autumn evening, the fabric’s natural breathability keeps you comfortable all year round.

Look Great Whatever You Do

The enhanced absorbency of 2-ply cotton is great for active those with active lifestyles. Its ability to effectively wick moisture away from your skin ensures you stay dry and cool, making our shirts a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

Your Journey Starts Here

Book your appointment today to experience the transformative power of a tailor made shirt. Whether you prefer the personal touch of an in-person appointment or the convenience of a video consultation, our dedicated tailors are ready to craft a shirt that not only fits your measurements but also your unique style and lifestyle.