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7 Reasons To Buy A Custom Made Suit

7 Reasons To Buy A Custom Made Suit

So, you have a special event coming up and want to look your very best. Then you should consider investing in a custom made suit. The investment in a bespoke or made to measure suit is one that will pay dividends for years to come. Here are our seven key benefits that custom made suits can offer to you.

The Perfect Fit

“You are not Mr. Average so why wear his clothes?”, is a line we use a lot. Your body is unique. Off-the-peg clothes will simply not give you the perfect fit of a custom made suit. Until you own a made to measure suit you may not fully appreciate what you have been settling for. When you buy custom made suits, everything is perfect. The sleeves are the perfect length. The shoulders of the jacket enhance the natural shape of your body. The jacket nips in at the waist to flatter your shape. The lapels are the correct width for your shape and the first button will be in exactly the right position. The fit of your suit will give you a confidence and a swagger unlike any you have worn before.


Trouser length is key – too long and they will ‘puddle’ at the bottom. Too short and you will show too much sock and make your legs look odd. The trouser should break on the top of the shoe and be straight at the back. It should also be neat around your thighs whilst allowing room to move freely. Your trouser waist should sit just under the navel and if held up at all should be done so with braces (suspenders in the US). This is because a belt has a tendency to pinch the waist and does not provide a flattering look. A custom made suit trouser will elongate your leg length and give a very flattering silhouette. Your trousers can deliver a perfect style to match your body type. If you have been wearing factory-made suits up to now, you will be surprised with the change that you can experience. Even if you are not happy or confident about the shape of your body, a tailor made suit will give you an instant make-over.

The Finest Quality Materials

When you get a custom made suit, you will be presented with a selection of pure wool cloths to use as the main material and silks to use as the lining. In a factory-made suit, they are often designed not to last very long as they want you to keep coming back every couple of years for a new one. So the cloth will normally be a blend of cheaper man-made fibres that do not breathe well, that wear and develop shiny patches and have fused linings, again made from man-made materials, which means they do no move naturally with your body movements. You are wearing the suit to enhance your looks and it is important to ensure that it is made out of finest quality materials. These will not only last for many years, they will be more comfortable, keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and if your shape should change, they have additional space built in to each seam to allow for future alteration.

A custom made suit not only makes sense in terms of look and lifespan, but if you think of it in terms of cost-per-wear, they are actually a cheaper alternative to factory-made suits.

And remember, your tailor is there to guide you. He will create a look that suits your personality as well as use a combination of materials that suits your lifestyle and will create a design that is the most flattering to your body shape.

Fast Delivery

Your first custom made suit will take longer due to the extra steps involved; initial consultation, measuring, fittings and alterations. However, your subsequent custom made suits will be ready far quicker. With each fitting, your pattern is updated so your next suit will be made exactly the same as the final version of the first one.

So with subsequent suits, you need only select the cloth, lining and style. It should hopefully be ready for you to take away with you on the first fitting. This can be in as little a three to four weeks.

Longer Lasting Suits

As mentioned earlier – custom made suits are not ‘fast fashion’. They are quality garments lovingly hand-made by a tailor with many years of experience and skill. Your suit will consist of over 40,000 stitches and will take over 60 hours to complete. It will be made from the finest natural fabrics including pure new wool, the finest Chinese silk and the softest cashmere.

These materials are chosen for their softness, strength and durability and will look after you for as long as you look after them. Because the natural materials breathe so well they do not need repeated dry-cleaning. A simple clothes brush is all that is needed to keep your suit in top shape, with an occasional steam-finish to freshen it up.

Your Tailor Is Your Personal Style Advisor

The first time you meet your tailor he will spend time getting to know you, your personality and your lifestyle. He will be looking at your colouring and getting to know your preferences in order to best advise you on your suit.

Your tailor will work within your budget to create a look that incorporates all of the above and will be able to create many different looks by reusing the different garments and pairing them with other items to create the illusion of a second suit.

Your look will be unique.

Custom suits, whether bespoke or made to measure are handmade to order. Nobody else will have the same suit as yours, so when you attend an event you will definitely stand out. Your unique style will become an identifiable part of you and your character, an extension of your personality.

With a tailor-made suit you have the chance to express your personal taste and style and people will notice this. People who see you in your suit will get a positive impression of you. They will figure out that you are a man who appreciates quality. In fact, everyone who sees you will notice the custom suit and they will think that you don’t tend to think twice before investing on your appearance. This will help you to deliver a lasting impression.

Style Endures

We all have specific designs in our minds. They define our personal style. When you go for a custom made suit, you will get all the support needed to get that specific style to represent through your suit. You will be able to ensure that the suit is designed according to your own preferences. No matter how you want to design it, your tailor will be able to deliver what you want with all the support you need.

Your tailor will create for you a style that lasts way beyond the vagaries of current trends. Classic style is timeless and you can guarantee that your suit will always be in style and will never go out of fashion.

Final thought

You are probably curious about custom tailoring and possibly a little nervous. You should not be nervous at all. Your initial consultation with your tailor will be free and he can go over what he can do for you, along with the costs, timescales and what you can expect from the whole process. Your tailor’s job is to build the relationship of trust with you. When you trust him, you will be happy to take his recommendations which may take you away from your established comfort zone and into a world where you discover the new you.

So why not make an appointment and take the plunge into the amazing world of custom tailoring. You have nothing to lose and an exciting new you to discover.