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Look Great In A Polo Neck

Look Great In A Polo Neck

A polo neck, also sometimes called a turtleneck, isn’t necessarily just a piece of fashion for the winter. Although it will help to keep your neck and body warm, it’s also an incredibly smart-looking  substitute for the more common suit-style items. If you’re wearing a turtleneck and want to have a look that screams smart yet fashionable, consider pairing a polo with a shirt. It’ll be a fantastic looking layered style that is allows a huge variety of wardrobe options. Just remember not to wear a shirt with a collar, as it can cause a cluttered, messy look around the neck area

Another great piece of clothing that always go well with the polo neck for a smart look are a pair of chinos. Smart enough to be professional, casual enough to have a more relaxed look, a perfect combination for the classic polo.

Remember that the polo neck should fit snugly and shouldn’t be too loose or baggy. Keeping it fitting well is what helps to keep it in the worlds between smart and casual. This is also what allows you to be able to wear it with a variety of the clothes already in your professional wardrobe. It’ll go well with almost any trousers and jackets always look fantastic over the top of one.

In short, if worn correctly, polo necks can be incredibly smart. Every wardrobe should have at least one as long as you pair it with the right clothes.