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New Rolex Submariner 2020

New Rolex Submariner 2020

NEW Rolex Submariner for 2020

We have to go back to 2008 to see the last ‘new’ Rolex Submariner and the world was on the brink of financial meltdown and everyone was panicking. In 2020 things are very different,. The world in on the brink of financial meltdown and everyone is panicking. Okay, it’s very similar. But we are not saying that the Rolex Submariner 116610LN was to blame. Far from it in fact. In a world of uncertainty and for many, misery, Rolex is a brand that can be relied upon to steady the ship.

The elegant simplicity of Rolex’s 2020 Submariners (which premiered 1953 and rose to notoriety as the first diving watch that could survive depths of 100m) will undoubtedly give Rolex fans and collectors something to smile about.

Sell a Kidney

There are four new Rolex Submariner watches in their new collection and they were launched online this morning (1st Sept 2020). They are available immediately and are 1mm larger in size than the previous version at 41mm in case size. The phrase ‘available immediately’ will undoubtedly make many collectors smile. They know that in order to get a stainless steel Rolex sport model, one can be in a long queue at a Rolex dealer. It can often take years to get the opportunity. Some compare it to selling a kidney just to get the chance to spend £7000 on a watch.


2020 rolex submariner non date black

New Rolex Submariner 2020 non-date in black

The New Submariner (Oyster Perpetual, non-date) is available in steel with a black dial.  It has a black Cerachrom uni-directional bezel and Rolex’s new 3230 movement. Rolex fans will be pleased to see that the company has not done anything drastic to alter the iconic look of the world’s most famous watch. Those who love their green Submariners will possibly be a little surprised that the anniversary edition  (116610LV or ‘Hulk’ to collectors) has been discontinued.  However, a replacement for the ‘Kermit’ (16610LV) has joined the new line up.

NEW Rolex Submariner Date

The Submariner Date – using Rolex’s new 3235 movement – is available in several fun variants. The steel version features a black dial with a green bezel.  The white-gold and steel model comes  with a black dial and blue bezel.  The yellow Rolesor (18K gold and stainless steel) variant features a stunning blue dial and a matching blue Cerachrom bezel. Of course any of these would look just great with your made to measure suit