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9 Pros and Cons of the Double Cuff Shirt

9 Pros and Cons of the Double Cuff Shirt

double cuff shirt

A double cuff shirt is a shirt with two layers of fabric at the wrist, typically secured with buttons or cufflinks. It is a more formal shirt style, typically reserved for special occasions or work environments. Double cuff shirts are often made of higher quality materials than their single cuff counterparts and as such, require more care when laundering.

When choosing a double cuff shirt, it is important to consider the occasion for which it will be worn as well as the level of formality required. For example, a double cuff shirt with French cuffs would be more appropriate for a black tie event than a business meeting. Conversely, a button cuff shirt would be more appropriate for everyday wear.

A double cuff shirt is an excellent option for a formal look. It makes you look more polished and refined, and a pair of thoughtfully chosen cufflinks can add a bit of personality to your ensemble. French cuffs are also a more elegant option, but a double cuff shirt looks best with a slimmer fabric and lighter suit. Listed below are some benefits and drawbacks of different types cuffs, and when you should and should not wear each one.

The French or Double Cuff Shirt

Also known as a French cuff, the double cuff shirt is traditionally worn with formal attire, some argue that incorporating them into everyday attire is an extension of the tradition. The fact is dress standards for daily wear have relaxed over the past half-century. So now, even formal menswear can bend a few rules. Here are some tips for dressing for French cuffs.

A classic French cuff features a single-sided cut with a narrow, single-thick opening. French cuffs are typically seen on formal shirts and are often paired with a spread or classic collar. This double cuff shirt looks particularly stylish when worn with a pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks themselves can be precious metal, steel or fabric and can feature precious and semi-precious stones. Cufflinks are available from a few pounds to a few thousand, but there is certainly no need to break the bank to get a great looking pair of cufflinks.

One popular style of double cuff shirt has a French cuff with one corner cut off. This creates an eye-catching finish, perfect for drawing attention to your new watch or cufflinks. The French cuff is identifiable as they require a cufflink. They are generally paired with formal outfits like suits and blazers, and, though some might disagree, are not appropriate for every occasion.

The cocktail shirt is an interesting option for double cuff shirts. It combines the formality of the classic French cuff, being doubled back on itself, while preserving the ease of use of the barrel cuff by using buttons to fasten. This is certainly a stylish option and is often called the James Bond cuff for that reason.

Conical Cuff Shirt

The conical cuff is a style of cuff that tapers toward the hand. This style is normally only seen on bespoke shirts as the circumference of the cuff needs to be fitted exactly to the wrist of the wearer. This style, having less room underneath limits your options for watches and as such only a slim dress watch would really be appropriate. Large, chunky sports watches are likely to get stuck either inside or outside the cuff. Neither of which is particularly ideal. Discuss your preferences with the shirtmaker before ordering it.

One way to customize a cuff is to add an extra button. This makes the cuff fit tighter or looser depending on which button you fasten. This style is ideal for people who wear watches occasionally and want the choice of cuff width.

If you’d prefer to avoid wearing buttons, you are back to a double cuff shirt.

Barrel Cuff Shirt

The barrel cuff or button cuff is seen as the ‘standard’ cuff style. Most men will opt for a barrel cuff as they are quicker and easier to fasten than a double cuff shirt and you do not have the additional hassle of finding or buying a pair of cufflinks.

With the much more dressed-down approach to office wear these days, the barrel cuff is by far the most popular.

However, some would argue that this is all the more reason to wear a double cuff shirt with cufflinks. They are smarter, and more distinctive and will make you stand out from the crowd.

The shape of the cuff is another style characteristic of a barrel cuff shirt. The barrel cuff, can be either rounded, square or mitered – cut at a forty-five degree angle.

Mitered Cuff Shirt

A mitered finish on a double cuff shirt is more formal than a regular barrel cuff. While it’s typically associated with button-ups and dressier styles, it’s also a common design on casual shirts. To better understand the difference between a square  barrel cuff and a mitered cuff, it’s helpful to learn what the difference is.

The first difference between a mitered cuff and a square sleeve cuff is the style. Squared cuffs are less common than mitered cuffs, but still a great option if you’re looking to dress up a casual shirt. Squared cuffs have rounded corners and are better suited for everyday wear, while mitered cuffs are the most elegant.

The difference between a double cuff and a mitered barrel cuff is the amount of detail on the cuff. Single cuff shirts are usually more subtle and more casual, while double cuff shirts are more dressy and formal. While double cuff shirts are typically more formal, single cuff shirts are still a great choice for business and formal occasions.

Rounded Double Cuff Shirt

There are two common styles of double cuff shirt: the square and the rounded. The square cuff is the less flashy, but still appropriate for many situations. The rounded cuff is easy to wear with or without a jacket, and it provides an understated yet dependable finish. If you’re a fan of modernism and straight lines, you may want to opt for a square cuff, which is a little more dressy. This style features a sharp, right angle corner and is the default style of dress shirts.

The rounded double cuff shirt, on the other hand, is a bit more casual and relaxed. This style is achieved by cutting and finishing the edge of the cuff on a curve so that the corners are rounded off. It’s a popular choice for those who want an easy-to-wear shirt that doesn’t require much fuss. Whichever style you choose, double cuff shirts are a great way to add a touch of refinement to your look.