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8 Great Wedding Suit Ideas For 2023

8 Great Wedding Suit Ideas For 2023

Wedding Suit Ideas for 2023

So, you are getting married in 2023 and need inspiration. There are so many questions to consider, the whole thing can be a little overwhelming. If you break it down into sections, we can quickly get a rough idea of your needs and preferences and from there we can get you some specific wedding suit ideas.

Scottish Wedding Suit Ideas


tweed wedding suit

To kilt or not to kilt, that is the question. Are you planning a traditional Scottish wedding or a non-Scottish wedding?

If you are getting married in a Scottish castle and want a bagpiper to welcome your guests, the chances are that you are leaning towards a highland outfit with a kilt. Many couples marry in traditional Scottish settings but don’t go for a highland outfit – it is purely down to personal preference and taste.

You may have a very strong idea of what you want – eg your family has worn the same tartan for 8 generations, or you may be open to suggestions. If you already have a tartan, this is a great starting point. There will typically be at least three bold colours in a tartan and you can pick these out as a colour for the jacket and waistcoat.

We are no longer limited to black Bonnie Prince Charlie jackets or three colours of tweed. These days there are literally dozens of cloth choices and finding one to suit your colouring, your tartan or the bridesmaids’ dresses is great fun.

If you would like to be traditionally Scottish but don’t fancy a kilt, you may want to consider trews instead. Very Scottish and a great alternative for those who don’t like the idea of a kilt.

Alternative wedding suit ideas to the traditional highland outfit with trews or a kilt is a full tweed suit. These are very smart and again are available in some amazing colours.

It’s all about the details

The finishing touch for your suit is the lining. With a silk or satin suit lining you can really make your suit pop, and show a bit of your personality at the same time. A pocket square to match your lining and (if we still need them) a face mask to match your suit will really complete your wedding outfit.

What’s in a button hole?

When your wedding suit is made just for you, you can do things that you would not see on an off-the-peg suit. One lovely but subtle feature is to have a button hole – on the lapel and/or cuffs in a contrast colour. This can again be to pull out a colour from the tartan, from the cloth or even from your shoes. When you see this level of attention to detail, it becomes clear to your guests that you have put a lot of thought and effort into the design of your wedding outfit.

Wedding Suit Ideas

Here are a small number of wedding suit ideas to give you a feel for what we can do for you.

Highland Wedding Outfit

wedding suits for menHere you can see that we have taken the tartan – in this case a Weathered McKenzie Tartan and pulled out a teal colour to use as the colour for the jacket and waistcoat.

You may also notice that the red stripe in the tartan has been used as a button hole contrast as well as the jacket lining. So well do these colours compliment each other, you would be forgiven for thinking that the whole outfit was designed intentionally.

We could also have taken the brown colour from the tartan and used that as the jacket and waistcoat colour to create an entirely different look for the outfit.

When this outfit is paired with brown ghillie shoes and teal socks, the whole ensemble works really well together.

You may also see that as well as being a very smart wedding outfit, the owner of this will get plenty of wear at other events – ceilidhs, black tie events and as a guest at other peoples’ weddings, and with a timeless style, this look is never going to look out of fashion.

Black wedding suit IDEAS


black wedding suitThe black wedding suit, on the face of it, is one that allows for very little customisation – after all, it’s just a black suit, right? Wrong. Think of a black wedding suit as a blank canvas. Black literally pairs with any other colour, so you have almost unlimited scope for creativity with it. In the example above, we paired it with a beige waistcoat. We also matched the beige of the waistcoat with the pocket trims and accent button holes. Using black buttons on the waistcoat tied the two together perfectly.

The brief for this suit was to have an outfit that would not be mistaken for a work suit – and I think we achieved this! This suit features:

  • Contrasting waistcoat in beige
  • Pocket trims toned to match waistcoat
  • Button holes on lapel and cuffs toned to match waistcoat
  • Extreme slanted pockets
  • Vent flash and cuff flash (silk lining visible on cuffs and at vents)
  • Champagne Paisley lining, matched on waistcoat back

The result was stunning. The groom, best man and ushers looked amazing, all in their matching suits. We were very proud to play a part in their big day.

Tweed Wedding Suit

tweed wedding suitThis client wanted a three piece tweed wedding suit for himself and his teenage son. He asked for two waistcoats too. A single-breasted one to wear with the suit jacket and a double-breasted one to wear without the jacket.

The results were spectacular. The burnt orange stripe in the tweed was picked out and used as the paisley silk lining, pocket square and button holes.

The outfits were finished off with facemasks in the tweed, again lined in the orange silk. These are the touches that make the difference.






Double-breasted Wedding Suit

wedding suit ideasThe client for this double-breasted wedding suit was 6′ 6″ tall and could not find an appropriate wedding suit off the peg, so he came to us for a made to measure suit.

The brief was to create a suit that would be good for a wedding but also to wear the jacket afterwards with different trousers or jeans for a less formal look. We lined it in navy blue silk and gave him a matching pocket square and the obligatory face mask to match.







Grey Tweed Wedding Suit


wedding suit ideas 2023The brief for this was to embrace a classic tweed and give it a modern twist. We took a gorgeous grey herring bone tweed and paired it with a stunning purple silk lining.

It doesn’t sound like it should work but when you see the result you will agree it looks spectacular. The client has a very athletic build and wanted the suit to complement his physique whilst still being comfortable to wear.






tweed wedding suits

BLUE Wedding Suit

Blue Wedding Suit

This blue wedding suit was intentionally designed to be understated as it was to be used as a business suit after the wedding. The cloth is a 100% Italian virgin wool which has an amazing feel to it and drapes very comfortably.

Our suits, the linings, canvas and facings are all made of natural fibres. As a result, this blue wedding suit breathes and keeps the wearer fresh and cool all day long. Wool helps to take heat and moisture away from the body and makes sure you look and feel your very best on the most important of days.

Wedding Suit Ideas

tweed wedding suits

Another great wedding suit idea is this brown Prince of Wales check as a three piece suit. The client has an athletic physique with a large chest and slim waist. Consequently, he has trouble buying suits off the peg.

The double-breasted horseshoe waistcoat is very distinctive and allows the jacket to be worn unbuttoned. The peaked lapel adds a more formal finish to the suit and the overall look gives a modern take on a design classic.