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Getting The Most Out Of Tailor-Made Suits

Getting The Most Out Of Tailor-Made Suits

Tailor-made suits are an increasing trend among men in today’s world. Among the different ways to create that lasting impression, made-to-measure suits are playing an increasingly important role.

Your local tailor is the obvious place to start, but don’t turn up unprepared. There are few important things that you will need to bear in mind when getting tailor-made clothes. Here are the most important of them. If you focus on these, you will maximise the return on your investment in tailor-made suits.

It’s All About the Cloth

When you buy tailor-made suits, you have the opportunity to select your perfect materials. The right cloth is the key to the perfect suit. That’s because it creates the foundation of your tailor-made suit. Everything else comes secondary to the cloth.

The cloth you select for your suit will determine how it will look. More importantly, it will determine how it feels and wears. So, have a good think about how often, and where you will wear your suit. Your tailor will be able to advise on ranges of cloth to consider. Bear in mind though that the best for you may not necessarily be the most expensive.

Have A Realistic Budget

Let’s say for argument’s sake that your suit budget is £1000. That will buy a very nice made to measure 3 piece pure wool suit and a couple of handmade shirts – easily. So is that what you should buy? Well possibly, but it depends on your needs. For the environment you work in  you may need a suit that can take a real beating and that can be thrown into the cleaners every couple of months. For this you would be better off with maybe three £300 suits that you can rotate, or maybe one full suit, a spare pair of trousers and a different style of waistcoat. Trousers wear our far quicker than jackets so a spare pair is always a good idea. A different waistcoat allows you to mix up the look.

Trust your tailor. If you give him a budget to work with, he will, of course, help you to spend it all, but he will also maximise it for you personally to get the best value for you.

Create Your Own Style

Apart from the cloth, you should give some thought to the styling of your tailored suit. How many buttons at the front of the jacket? How many buttons on the cuffs? Double vent, single or no vent? Peak or notch lapel? Contrasting stitching for the button holes? How many pockets? Slanted or straight? There are so many different ways to style a suit, it is tempting to say to the tailor ‘You’re the expert, do what you think is best.’. But then it is his suit and not yours. This is your chance to create your signature style. At least research the design features so that you can sit down with your tailor and know what he is talking about. He can suggest and advise but at the end of the day it should be your decision.

Make Your Tailor Earn His Money

Where your tailor really earns his money is in getting you to look the best you can. He does this by using the shape of the suit to accentuate your best features and diminish the parts you are less keen on. Using well practised tailoring techniques, he can make you look taller, thinner, broader and more confident.

A tailor-made suit allows you to add a splash of colour with the lining. This is where men in traditionally conservative roles like to show their personality. It’s hidden until you want people to see.

The Ideal Fit For your body Shape

The great part about tailoring is that it allows you to try different styles and take the best parts of several suits and blend them into one. A tailor can measure your shoulders and tell you what the correct size is for you but you may actually prefer a slightly roomier fit. You can try different sample sizes and incorporate the various features into your unique design.

One of the best things about getting tailor-made suits is that they are in a position to deliver the perfect fit to match with your body shape. If you are planning to lose weight or gain muscle, your tailor, to an extent, can build this into the design. If he knows that it will be altered soon then additional fabric can be included to allow the alterations later.

Never go overboard with The extras

A common mistake that men do at the time of getting tailor-made suits is that they feel the need to get it all. This is where they tend to add too many details into the suit. You need to try to avoid this mistake. When you add too much detail to the suit, you will be taking away the classic style. Remember, less is more.

The most timeless and elegant suits are the ones that are simple. Hence, you should try to keep your tailor-made suits as simple as possible. You may like getting elbow patches, gold buttons, peak lapels, slanted ticket pockets and checked fabric on your suit. It is possible to get one out of these, but never add all of them. You will stand out but you will also ruin the suit’s elegant appearance.

Too many details contradict each other. The design features should complement each other. That’s why going overboard creates a bad suit. Just some subtle touches and a nice made-to-measure shirt and your style will be on point.

Remember that Fashions Change But Style Is Permanent

The chances are, if you look in your wardrobe you will see many different fashions that you can identify and place in a particular year or time of your life. These are great and have their place. However, fashion can be thought of as being fast-moving, dynamic, short-lasting, fast and cheap. You buy a garment or outfit, wear it for a few months then onto the next one. It doesn’t matter if it is poorly made as you do not need it to last. Tailor-made suits are literally the EXACT opposite. Your tailor will take his time and a great deal of care to create a look for you that will never be subject to the vagaries of fashion. As long as you look after it, your tailor-made suit will last for ten or even twenty years.

Think of it as a long-term investment in your personal brand. The cost per wear of a tailor-made suit will be a fraction of a fast fashion, machine-made alternative. Like a Rolex watch, you will want to pass it on as an heirloom.

Final thought

Buying your first tailor-made suit is an incredible experience and is the start of a long relationship with your tailor. Take it slowly, find your style and enjoy the process. The more you learn about tailoring, the more you will get out of it. Enjoy your journey.

If you want to find out more and start your own journey, please make an appointment.